Getting Back To Work

I’ve been feeling remarkably well all things considering. Just over a week from surgery, the biggest effects I’m recovering from are:

  • I still have stitches in my head, though I’m expecting those to come out in the next few days.
  • I have to take 4mg of Dexamathasone every six hours. That’s a steroid (the NFL would ban me) that’s been really hard on me. It’s raised my blood pressure, given my insomnia and made me feel anxious at times, has started to affect my appetite in unattractive ways, and is starting to throw in some acne just for fun. Can’t wait to get off this stuff.
  • My right leg strength, flexibility, and mobility are all pretty good. And the sensation in that leg is improving though still affected. I had the first of what will likely be only three physical therapy sessions on Friday where the therapist assessed me and gave me a bunch of exercises to do to help reestablish my sense of proprioception (awareness in space) of my leg and foot.

After the PT Friday, I got a chance to visit work again for the first time. It was terrific getting to see so many friends again. I truly enjoy working at Neo Columbus and am looking forward to getting back to full time. The initial guidance from the surgeon was to tell them I’d be out 4-6 weeks. Well, I’m actually already diving back in, though mostly from home for a bit and not yet full time.

While there, I did our normal Friday Lunch and Learn talk for the group. These are typically about something technical that we use at work (a ruby gem we might be using and finding value in or how we’re trying to improve our javascript testing capabilities), but I took the opportunity to talk about gliomas and my recent experience.

Gliomas Lunch and Learn from Mike Doel on Vimeo.

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