Hello Again

In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I’ve been blessed to have had the loving care and support of skilled physicians, amazing friends, the best family, and God. With those things behind me, I’ve managed to remain in excellent health, all things considered.

When one goes through that kind of experience, it has a way of clarifying what’s really important in life. For me, the vision that emerged was clear. I want to spend whatever time I have left in the company of people I love, honor, and respect, and I want to be in service of others. To be in the presence of good people and to give of oneself freely is a pretty reliable formula for living a life of meaning and fulfillment.

And so I’m doing something of a reboot of my personal site. It’s sat dormant for too long. I realize that I have things to say. Things about life, love, and leadership. Hardly any of these things will be original to me, but that makes them no less useful. Wisdom is the gift that comes from gaining experience. And if I’m able to share those things, well maybe it’s one small manifestation of how I can be in service to others.

So, hello again. Let’s begin shall we?

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