Picture of the Day – September 17, 2006

Coins closeup

This is a picture of some coins I did this evening. I’m thinking of using it for this month’s Digital Story photo assignment submission contest. The topic for September is “circle” and I thought a close up of some coins might work. To make the shot, I put a plain white shee on my desk, setup a couple of coins on it, and mounted my camera (with flash) on a tripod. To accentuate the lighting and try to remove shadows, I had lights on the side and on top of the subject. Although I don’t have a true macro lens, I was able to use the 24-105 lens at maximum focal length for this. It’s capable of focusing fairly closely, though I couldn’t get closer than this without getting into trouble.

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – September 17, 2006”

  1. I used your coin picture for a review of how to count money for my 3rd. graders. Do you have any others? It is so clear and easy to count!
    Thank you,

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