Picture of the Day – September 6, 2006

Ohio Stadium Seating
This is my first picture of the day. I chose it because it was recently included on another website. Derek Story authors a podcast called The Digital Story that I listen to every week. It’s a terrific podcast and includes lots of great tips on how to improve your photography. Every month, he runs a photo assignment on the podcast where he encourages listeners to submit pictures that interpret a theme of the month. For August, the theme was “red”. I figured scarlet was close enough to red so I took my camera down to Ohio Stadium to see if I could get some shots. Fortunately, one of the gates to the stadium was open and I was able to sneak in without incident. This shot was taken with my Canon EF 24-105 f/4.0 L IS USM lens. This is the lens I use the most since the focal range is pretty good for most shots. The camera was set to aperture priority mode with an aperture of f13. This allowed me to keep a bunch of the seats in focus. It would have been good to try narrowing the aperture even more to see how that would have looked. Since the picture was taken on a tripod, I had the IS setting for the lens set to off.

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