Picture of the Day – September 7, 2006

A dream fulfilled
This picture is titled “A Dream Fulfilled”. My mother-in-law has always wanted to get an MG. Although this isn’t truly an MG (it’s built on top of a Volkswagon frame I think), this is still a very cool looking car. On Labor Day, she and my father-in-law brought it over to show us. Although I’m disappointed that her face was over-exposed, the rest of the image looks pretty good. To try and convey the timelessness of the car, I converted it to a Sepia tone. The image was shot in Program AE with my 24-105 lens.

One thought on “Picture of the Day – September 7, 2006”

  1. Thank you Mike, for making me feel special. The picture was a very thoughtful gift. Julie is truly lucky to have found someone as nice as you to share her life with.


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