RRBO – Prepping the Store

One of the great challenges of being an entrepreneur is trying to make sure you have the right product in the market. For our site (www.rrbo.com), this is especially important given how much competition there is. And the critical time is upon us. Most people get serious about travel (spring break and summer vacation) right after the end of year holidays. Needless to say, we want to make sure we’re optimized to meet customer’s needs when that hits.

So, I have a favor to ask of those of you who read this. Pretend you don’t know me and that you stumble upon www.rrbo.com while planning your next vacation. If for whatever reason you think you wouldn’t use our site to book where you’re going to stay, send me an email at mike _at_ mikedoel _dot_ com with the top one or two reasons that would make you hesitate. Don’t worry about hurt feelings – I’d much rather get brutally honest feedback that we can address than have you hold back.

Thanks in advance.

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